M1 Max MacBook Pro Review: Truly Next Level!

The 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros are incredible. I can finally retire the travel iMac. That shirt! http://shop.MKBHD.com MacBook Pro skins: …


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  1. That is fine but apple do not innovate. Look at the surface pro 8 from Microsoft look at the form factor touch screen pen input etc. Apple need to take the I pad and and MacBook and bring them together into one machine in 2021 computers should be touch screens and have pen input on them and until apple do that their mac books will always just be modern day typewriters and Marquez I want you to call them out on their mistakes they will listen to you and mr who’s the boss arrun

  2. The main question for me is still have been unsaid. Is scrolling stutters still present on this new MacBooks? Because on my MBP M1 base model, it is still noticeable jitters when scrolling even after Monterey update.

  3. Im glad I can stick with my 2020 MacBook. I just bought it earlier this year and already invested in dongles and such and I do like some of the changes (the top notch, shape, ports & charger, the carved MacBook Pro on the bottom) but what I'm working with is fine for me. Unless someone thinks its worth it for me to sell mine and have to fork up extra $500-$600 for a 14"

  4. I stand to be corrected but the display is 8-bit + dithered and not true 10-bit panel (via Rene Ritchie). From what I understand the difference is hardly noticeable but still – not a 10bit panel. It won't put me off from buying one. I think they are amazing.

  5. This intro man, I think Marques and his team are trying to match Apple level of Production. The transition and the animations in the intro were lit 💥💥. Love your videos man; No less than watching a movie.

  6. "It is really easy to complain about this when you're not actually using the laptop" Yep that's spot on… I've been thinking of getting the MacBook pro ever since it got released and frankly I don't see why the notch is a big issue. I'm looking for performance as an animator, and it's got it. I like it. I used to never like using apple computers but the Macbook Pro has been impressing me since the last release and I'm finally ready to add it to my arsenal.

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