Best Budget 5G Smartphones (2021) | Top 10 Cheap Blowers!

Best Budget 5G Smartphones (2021) | Top 10 Cheap Blowers!

Reviews of the best budget smartphones with 5G support in early 2021, including the greatest camera phones, impressive gaming devices, and serious specs …


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  1. Thanks for watching, hope this round up of the best budget 5G phones was useful! My full reviews dive more into each handset covered here, and I'm still testing the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G but expect that full review v soon…

  2. What surprises me is the number of 4G only phones that are still being released.
    I remember when 4G reception was released phone companies almost immediately seemed to stop releasing 3G only smartphones.

  3. Hi, can you please advise which of these 5g phones (specifically the Moto G 5G Plus) can be physically tethered via USB cable to a PC to give it use of the 5G internet, OR is this only possible as a WIFI hotspot?

  4. I've had my oppo Reno 4z 5G since January and the problems I've had is that it keeps freezing and now very slow internet on the WiFi so I have to keep turning WiFi off. Some of the problems only started after the update to android 11 so I have to send it back….

  5. Skip the Realme X50 5G. Bought one mid last year. Died on me this week. And all I use it for is play my stored workout videos on it. SMDH.

  6. looking to buy a new phone been looking at all these ones for around 200-300$… do you guys think their is a massive difference between 4 and 6gb of ram in a phone?

  7. not sure if your on fizz or your in fast forward, can you slow down and show visual phone instead of gaming.can you put your best pick for the right reasons i hate games

  8. @Tech Spurt

    Can you compare Flow X13 + XG Mobile 3080 performance vs Zephyrus Duo SE 3080 performance?

    No one has done this but we all want to know who's the king.

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