10 New Aircraft Coming to Merge Cars and Helicopters into Electric VTOLs

Remember the last time you were stuck in traffic for hours on end. Horrible, right? But what if overloaded intersections, tunnels, bridges and roads altogether could be left behind? Imagine your daily commute cutting through the airspace in a zero emission, fully autonomous manner. Well, this is an incredible reality that electric VTOLs aka flying cars are promising us in the foreseeable future. Today we will explore the most capable models from the countless prototypes and concepts.

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List of all models shown in this #ATAircraft release:

00:00 Introduction

00:42 Joby

In its 12 years in business, Joby Aviation has grown from a garage incubated startup to a formidable company funded by Toyota and Uber. Their project is a tilt-rotor aircraft, that is flown by 6 propellers on its V-tail and fixed wing.

01:48 Jetson Aero

After 4 years of development, the first production model by the Swedish company Jetson is ready to make the sky is available for everyone.

02:54 Archer Aviation Maker

The Archer Maker is a Palo Alto startup that has been operating under the radar all the way until they had a working demonstration aircraft that has already completed the first hover test on December 16th 2021, the 118th anniversary of the day when the Wright Brothers first took to the skies.

04:01 Renault and TheArsenale AIR4

In 2021, one of the company’s timeless classics, the 4 hatchback turned 60. For this occasion, Renault teamed up with TheArsenale design center and recreated the model as the Air4 all-electric flying car capable of vertical take-off and landing.

05:00 Volocopter 2X and VoloCity


Next in the pipeline is the Volocity which is a larger version of the original prototype Volocopter 2X. Lastly, the flagship product of the VoloIQ air operation intelligence system is the VoloConnect eVTOL.

06:24 Lillium Jet

Established in 2015, German Lillium had quite humble beginnings, which did not stop it from the developing the Jet aircraft from the ground up. At this time, the Lilium Jet belongs to the 5th generation of the aircraft: it is a fully operational 5-seater prototype that uses the proprietary technology of Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust.

07:38 Zuri VTOL

Capitalizing on the rich history the Czech aircraft industry, the new Zuri startup will be trying to change mobility with a new-generation VTOL model propelled by hybrid power.

08:39 SkyDrive

This is first eVTOL developer from Japan to reach the type certification stage in a bid to present their product at the 2025 World Expo in the Osaka Bay. Skydrive has built the SD-03 as a single person demonstrator with the potential for all-electric door-to-door transportation.

09:36 Xpeng X2

Though the Chinese company uses a typical for VTOLs engineering approach, with eight propellers and eight electric motors, their X2 aircraft actually looks and acts like a flying car rather than a personal multicopter.

10:35 Opener BlackFly

After 9 years of work, the Palo Alto-based Opener Aero presented the world’s first ultralight fixed-wing, all-electric, VTOL aircraft in 2018. Today, the model is production-ready.

11:42 teTra eVTOL

The Japanese startup teTra was created some 4 years ago, and in that time, it managed to build 5 personal mobility VTOL prototypes and even win Pratt & Whitney Disruptor Award with a 100k prize.


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  1. love seeing new innovations in flight but they really need to work on speed n range unless these are just prototypes the real thing will be based on

  2. these are not practical vehicles,their way too close to a helicopter,a hovering car that goes over the ground wound be the best solution,just like the ones in star wars

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