LG V30 camera explained

LG V30 camera explained

The LG V30 could have the most fully-featured smartphone camera on the market, but what is it about the user interface that …


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  1. Each time your finger enters the frame your camera goes out of focus on the phone. I think you should increase your depth of field at least a little or something

  2. Lack of 60fps with 4k is disappoint with this phone. Has anyone heard if there will be an update for the v30. Yeah cine log is great but with a mediocre front camera and no 60fps for 4k makes me have doubts

  3. Hey Jack you are full of shit. I'm sold on this phone, just ordered my Note 8, going to cancel my order and buy this phone! thanks!

  4. How about the selfie camera? Kinda disappointed that LG still went for 5 MP, f/2.2, no improvement like the Galaxy Note 8 with 8 MP. f/1.7. Capturing video and photos at night will definitely not very pleasing.

  5. LG has pitched this phone as being a camera-centric device but yet they've forgotten about the front facing camera the worst in the business and they have continued to proceed with it, carried over from product to product, useless. I'm extremely hurt because I wanted this phone but that selfie camera is a deal-breaker.

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