Next Generation Police Gadgets You Won't Believe

Next Generation Police Gadgets You Won't Believe

Much more than mere handcuffs, here are some next generation police gadgets you won’t believe! Suggest a topic here to be …


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  1. We're all f**ked. I don't mind the military having this stuff, but not cops. F**k cops. Hell, they love arresting military. They abuse power constantly. This will only add to the already huge problem of police having too much power. They will use it to be more corrupt. God help us all.

  2. I liked the exoskeleton. Add some armor plating to that bad boy and we’ve got step one for iron man. Something tells me that tech like that would be good for space exploration.

  3. a digital gun slide is just begging for cops to become over reliant on it when they should be counting the amount of bangs coming from the gun

  4. So they say the boston dynamics dog is "scary" and "could be used to an aggressive surveillance tool" but then NIMBO is said to be extremely useful because of the amount of surveillance? xD
    So is surveillance good or bad in a robot roaming around?

  5. Actuallly according to my calculations the newest transformers movie is actually the Bumblebee 2018 Instead of the gif of the 2014 age of extinction 🤓 this is a common mistake across the braincells

  6. At 6 min, yes we should use dog robots to perform appropriate functions , the bad guys will acquire them and use them regardless of if law enforcement does or doesn't so why handicap the good guys?

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