Knock at The Cabin Review

Knock at The Cabin Review

Knock at the Cabin reviewed by Matt Donato Knock at the Cabin fails to knock the classic cabin in the woods horror methods out …


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  1. This review is spot on. Just left the theater minutes ago, was hoping it was just me. M. Nights one of my favorite directors, will still support his films….but man was this movie predictable and hollow.

  2. Saw the movie today and it was AMAZING! The message the movie sets by the end is beautiful! There were a lot of people crying at the theater, me included haha

  3. Paul Sherman and Steve Desmond have no writing experience according to their IMDB. Why does Hollywood keep doing this? Perfect example is Disney with the Star Wars franchise.

  4. I'm predicting one of two possible plot twist endings:
    A) The cult is right, and by defying and/or killing them, the world DOES end.
    B) The cult is wrong, and when the family fights back, nothing happens.

  5. The animal is No actor…He is way worse then dwayne Cena or even the hulkster…Like zoolander…He has only.."one Look"!!..👎👎👎

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