This App is Destroying Android Smartphones!

This App is Destroying Android Smartphones!

There is an app that’s been destroying Android smartphones for a while now. We are not talking about bloatware, we are talking …


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  1. Hi Beebom, I turned off my wallpaper poster in my iqoo phone, but after turning it off my lock screen isn’t working and it doesn’t even asking for any Face ID or pin to unlock it, all it needs a swipe up to unlock it. Please do help me . 😢
    BTW have been loved your videos ever since.😊

  2. I have turned off the glance in my realme 6 pro but after 5 to 6 days it gets automatically enabled/turned on and I have to constantly turn it off.
    So can you suggest what to do to permanently turn it off or is there any problem with my device?

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