Destroyed Island returns with Epic 1/2 Mile Race! (TONS of Supercars!)

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We haven’t been to the PR Half Mile in Puerto Rico since 2016! Everything from natural disasters to Covid stopped the event from happening for years. We finally made it back to enjoy the weather and tons of crazy supercars! In this video you’ll get to see us experience the event and hop in a few cars to go for a rip! What a wild time Puerto Rico was!

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  1. I’ve been watching you since the nitrous pick up truck days. So it’s been before 1320, and a little longer than 20 years for some of us.

  2. Been with you from your first couple hundred subscribers. You lived my dream, lol. Thanks for all the content and exposure to such amazing cars! Here's to the next 20! Imagine where the industry will be when we are 60, lol.

  3. Gotta hand it to them
    Puerto Rican's rich gang knows to flex responsibly

    As in, they didnt do reckless shit on the road
    But instead, race it out at the Half Mile
    Props 👍

  4. I'm in Georgia Augusta. And have been building a 97 2dr mirage 4 the last 4 yrs.
    Just finished parts list for awd. Have a 4g64 swap currently. Still fwd. But I'm coming 😊

  5. I hope the polo and jacket is on their next Thursday I don’t get paid until then but I need those they would go great with the 3 million subs shirt I have

  6. Big grats on the 20 years. Started watching 1320 when you guys were still just making dvd's with nu-metal from random MySpace bands in the background lol.

  7. It's people like you that have really helped keep the car culture alive for those of us that can't race or can't get to good places to watch races. I really appreciate the coverage of events.

  8. My dad was on the first ever dvd cover you guys did i messaged you guys a while ago wondering if you wanted to help me rebuild it to surprise him maybe it can be a possibility

  9. 20 years is insane. Ive been a fan since 2010 when i was in HS. A buddy of mien showed me one of your dvds. I was hooked since then.

  10. i got me alot of the original dvds, found them in the oddball section in bestbuy right next to all the roller derby dvds, got alot of the teckademics vids aswell seems to be early 2000s

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