Great New Samsung Update for ALL Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – What's New?

Great New Samsung Update for ALL Samsung Galaxy Smartphones - What's New?

Get the update here: Samsung phones get a new …


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  1. I have the new Samsung internet app on my Note 10+, Android 12. When holding down on the image, I don't have most of the options you show on the old and new internet versions. Guess the options are not available for my phone.

  2. Been a "Note Taker" as long as I could write; always had a notebook. This latest posting has allowed this "OldDog" to revive an "Old Trick" and lose the physical notebook. Excellent!!!

  3. You are a very good teacher at explaining things new and old for our handhelds, you never lose me like most other ppl doing the same stuff trying to explain the in & outs of our technoledgy, a good teacher can explain
    very hard things and condense it, so we can follow without getting lost, Many blessings coming to you?

  4. Saiketech sir i got a piece of information regarding dropship samsung going to expand to other countries for the goodlock mod. Dropship

  5. Yup Samsung internet is really cool…all their apps are really…don't know why people complain about them, and let's say you're a dufus like me, when it comes to car models….there's an option where Google tells you what you're looking at It's the 'search inside image'…comes up on the left. I could be an image where there are many objects… can actually be specific and pick just one out.

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