Marques Brownlee Isn't Telling You the Truth About Buying Solar, So I Have To

Solar panel review. Marques Brownlee Isn’t Telling You the Truth About Solar Panels, So I Have To, DIY and car review Scotty …


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  1. These Toyotas are Blowing Engines:

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  2. Solar panels on your roof are the biggest joke anything green about that energy is the green going into the solar panels Wallet​, who makes the solar panels and sells you that junk

  3. All true. And not new: covered in many videos out there for the last 10-15 years. But still good to remind people.
    My rule of thumb is simple:
    Look at your electricity bill. Electricity only, not the fixed charges you’ll pay anyway.
    If it is below about $180 month, forget about solar, it will never pay back.

    If it is above, implement all the possible energy savings mesures you can imagine, because you are a power hog 😁.
    If you can’t reduce (say you have several EVs and drive a lot), and
    If you have none of the roofing and exposition etc issues mentioned. , yeah, maybe consider solar. There will be head hakes and heart hakes but if for you it’s worth a few hundreds in savings, why not.
    Solar is a lot more cost efficient at commercial scale.

  4. Wow, all the doom and gloom, Scotty! I unfortunately have a pool. I was paying $300 per month for electricity. About fifteen years ago, I installed a 16 kWh solar array and my electricity cost went down to $50 per month. I just checked this past weekend and was generating over 2 kW at about 3:00 PM. The way to keep the panels operational is to wash them off every few years. My payoff occurred in eight years, and the panels were made here in the USA.

  5. I’m not sold on solar panels. I won’t install them for same reasons in Scotty’s video. Only way I would do it is when government totally pays for them and maintains them properly as well as cost of any potential structural damages.

  6. So I asked these guys if they can install on fence instead of roof and they said no so I said g-bye. I don't need this trash on the roof even for $zero. The problem is that general population is getting more and more IQ deficit. Checking school material can give me goose bumps. It looks like schools want to keep knowledge from children as some sort of political secret. No wonder USA educates "consumers", not creators. It's safe to assume that this education can be mocked 100% and replaced with no education and raw unsolicited brain.

  7. I went with a company called Solarcity… was bought out by Tesla so I'm technically a Tesla customer now haha
    I live in Coachella, CA which is a desert. I average about 23.6 kWh a day.

  8. You forget to mention that average service line of inverters is only 9 years. You will be replacing inverters 2-3 times, pretty much negate any electricity savings.

  9. Also dont forget to please check your LOCAL tax rules. Time and again my friends installed solar panels only to discover the township they reside in considers it a home improvement. Their home value assessment went up which increased their local taxes!

  10. The video was very good and made some good points, but I couldn't help to think that a lot of these "problems" are people being stupid and believing nonsense. The heat is a problem that also reduces the panel's performance and probably is one factor in yearly degrading. Some youtubers were showing how simple fans to blow air under them works well, but isn't done mainstream. The water issue is a good point and I like the idea to direct water away from that area to reduce the risk is good too, but same time it's kind of obvious if you don't install it right you'll get those issues like anything mounted on the roof including venting or pipes/chimneys. One advantage that isn't talked about with solar is that it's one of the very few ways that individuals can make some of their own power. Other options just aren't practical and are very dangerous.

  11. We got solar panels about 5yrs ago….worst decision ever! Company went out of business, and now we have payment on the solar panels themselves, and high electric bill, AND now we have to find a third party company to come maintenance them which of course we'll have to pay out of pocket. Do NOT get solar panels. Just conserve your electricity.

  12. Remember that the Government is making Electricity more EXPENSE . So solar could or will be even a better Option. Will Government use cheaper option to make electricity or cause more problems?

  13. Easy solution. Tesla Solar Roof. Well except they cost 4-5 the cost of a regular roof.

    I live in Phoenix AZ, lot of sun, lots of sky, and I’ve never had one person i know that has solar on the roof ever brag about the money they are saving. When I ask about it, they never give a straight answer. Most of them are doing Solar Leases and I’m pretty sure they found out that whatever they are saving on the Electric Bill is getting diverted to the Solar Bill.

  14. I don't have any friends, family or neighbors that are stupid enough to install solar panels, so I'll take a hard pass on the whole solar panel fairy-dust thing.

  15. This Public Service Announcement should be going viral. Solar is a great idea. But people need to consider the issues you discuss here, because great ideas on paper aren't always so great in real life. We've seen a lot of roofs being covered by solar panels this past year, likely as a result of the door-to-door sales people going around the neighborhood.

  16. Good info scotty. People definitely shouldn't assume that solar panels will eliminate their electric bills. Should plan more to have a system for backup power in place of, or in addition to, a gas generator. Starting off with a small ground based system and upgrading if that goes well.

  17. When solar becomes financially advantageous overall I’ll go solar but I don’t see that ever happening. For the most part it’s just virtue signaling just like electric cars.

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