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  1. Just imagine how successful would a walking dead open world game based from the red dead 2 engine be.. sadly we'll probably never see it
    🙁 corporate greed

  2. Yeah of course its worse than gollum. There are countless worse games than this one. The difference is that there was an audience anticipating gollum. Whats your criteria for worst game of the year?

  3. There's now a whole niche market of games you can make so badly wannabe "influencers" will buy it just to complain about it. They'll do anything for content. I'm convinced this market can be profitable all on its own, so why bother making a C- game that gets no attention good or bad when you can make an F one and profit off the desperate for attention?

    You bought it. The rest is irrelevant. Vote with your wallet. Ohhhhh but you can't do that can you.

    Now tell me you're doing a service (you're not, a blind monkey can see it's a terrible game, you just want attention from it)

  4. gotta love the gymnasium TLOU scene they stole here. The Bloaters intro in TLOU, and here, its some "large guy" instead In an almost identical gym, just cheaply rendered. lol

  5. Seems like Game Mill needs to stick to their Nickelodeon Smash Bros and Mario Kart based clones those two series are the only two that they’ve made with decent games in them.

  6. There is that argument about whether or not video games are art… Well, sometimes they are, like in the case of the TellTale series… And sometimes… They are just a dog shit cash grab… Which is what we have here.

  7. This is harsh and that's because people are used to triple A games with a big budget. This is obviously a low budget game. It can still be fun if you open your mind.

  8. 4:08 What a dumb thing to say, This is a game that's on PS5 and it looks like this, So are we supposed to call games with garbage graphics "like it's a PS5 game" from now on? This kind of shit graphic has nothing to do with a console's power, Even PS2 games look better than this (especially if upscaled resolution-wise in an emulator like PCSX2), You don't have to make a nonsensical statement like that to say this game looks like garbage.

  9. Oh my god, I thought Big Rigs was like a fun project that the single guy making it didn't finish, what do you mean it was fully plane and published by someone? 😂 And they got to make TWD game? What a world we live in 😂

  10. As a HUGE fan of the series, I haven't played it yet. From what I've seen of the gameplay,, the playthrough and the landscape and locations look fairly accurate which is exciting. With that said, MY GOD the characters look HORRIFIC and nothing like the actual actors playing them in the series. I'm guessing the creators ran out of funds to make each character look like they should. This is hugely disappointing to me. It would be like making another BioShock game and the creator decided to make the Little Sisters/Gatherers look like big, beefy, burly grown looking women with a beard. It's almost like the creators were thinking, ahh the gameplay abs locations are spot on so they won't notice the glaring problem of not nf the characters looking anything like they should.

  11. Hey Falcon I started watching Gameranx because of you 🤣 your comments on some of these are just fantastically funny! When I saw this title and knew you were on it, I knew I was in for a good one

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