RoboCop (2014) EXCLUSIVE feature: Technology of RoboCop explained

RoboCop (2014) EXCLUSIVE feature: Technology of RoboCop explained

Man and Machine Pt 1: An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the science from the new RoboCop, and the technology that is …


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  1. Robocop Poldi$$$Project's Graphics Extreme Full Mix♡♡♡Corp. Tech!!!Secure Adaptive info main Technologies and Compilation by OMNICORP holding Pt.One♡♡♡Comming Soon Pt.2!!!

  2. I would love to see a remake where Alex Murphy is shot in in the spine and wants revenge on the men who almost killed him.  Then he would be given a exo-suit allowing him to walk again, jump high up, and practically be a superhero.

  3. ROBOCOP – 2014 Look at its body..! I..mean who desined it..!!?
    The first colour silver & black its fine,but look at the second colour… it just black..!! A And the video could not capture it clearly…!! 🙁  It just like a black suit he wearing…!!
    The black colour sucks…!!

  4. Steven people like you bitch about stupid shit it's people like y'all who complain just to complain all negative no real explanation behind your ignorant comments
    I've seen both original and 2014 release and I can easily day they went more in depth about RoboCop than the original so gtfo

  5. The morrons that are still upset because this robocop has seperated itself from the original need to freaking relax , even the "critics" at rottentomatoes that are comparing it to the original are fu.cking idiots. The director has stated that this not exactly a reboot but actually takes the robocop concept and makes it his own..this is not Paul Veroheen's robocop thats coming out this year…the is Jose Padilla's robocop!..a re imagening of robocop!..fuck, the suit can look like rubber as fuck, doesnt mean theres no circuits and mechanical parts inside..people need to chill..I want to see this, im a big fan of the original and thats why im interested in this new take and vision of a half man half machine!

  6. I've just watched this movie an hour ago. The movie is great, they combined element of sci-fi and struggle of a badly disabled person turned cyborg wanted to be with his family. Also, there's more military element at first, if there's really ED209 and cyborgs, insurgents would have more fear and felt intimidated by the fearful feelingless machines. Of course original Robocop played by Peter Weller is best but the new remake is quite good unlike other remakes such as Conan, Dredd and Total Recall that are crap. Wow, the new Robocop is made in China!!

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