A Speaker In An Ammo Box?

Thodio .50 A-BOX – http://bit.ly/20vXMqp This might just be the best sounding bluetooth speaker we’ve ever tested in the Unbox …


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  1. I looks cool, but thats where it stops, never review sound at MP3 or streaming quality as it's a highly compressed file play a wave file or cd through the product to show it's full capacity, this has a huge price tag for looking good but not excelling on sound which is its job, you can pick up speaker for £120 that sound better.

  2. There’s a guitar jack option (many options)
    A guitar cab/box and speaker are not really meant to be the same thing. Can those speakers handle a guitar? What kind of pre-amp is in it? It looks well made. I saw one like this a few months back but when they opened the lid it was baron and they said “you can store your cords in here” . Speakers were exposed as well as the wiring. Looked very cheap.

  3. What kind of black plastic box with handle should I get that fit 2 6.5. 1/2 150watt marine speaker fit those speakers on the front and what if I do not have a saw how can I cut two holes for the speaker to fit ?

  4. It's been a while watching your unboxing and reviews. But, I've been wondering if you have a public music playlist selection by you. Maybe?
    I just enjoy your musical taste during your audio-related tests as your reviews. Or maybe I missed it. Please?

  5. Wow. Only 420.00. I have several ammo cans, lets see… Few china speakers, plastic port, foam, wire, solder, pretty cool this company is only making 403.00 per unit.

  6. And, if some idiot hits it with their car on the parking lot, it's going to cause damage to the car for at least the purchase value of the speaker 🤣

  7. yo that beat sounded KILLER! Really was worth a SHOT to try it out for yourself to see how good it sounded! I might have to RELOAD this video and watch it again! This video was an absolute BANGer!

  8. I own a dindinmodern brand speaker. Honestly, it's really good. I prefer his bass. I've been using it for a year So far and it deserves my praise.

  9. Cheap Bluetooth speakers are what you get if you don’t invest in quality! This isn’t cheap but definitely is quality and outperforms in sound and bluetooth range and blows away all in the $300 to $2000 range! Buy this if you want cool and great quality and handmade craftsmanship! You get what you pay for and if you go cheap… then go home!

  10. Is this the “9mm” 40 watt version or the “50 cal” 200 watt version? Wish they made a plug-in version. Not jazzed about the battery only….

  11. I recently got one of these as a gift. It took over a year for them to build it and send it and then I was informed that the battery will be sent separately…it's been over 3 weeks, still no battery. I sent an email and I got the basic "we'll let you know when it ships." I have a $500 paperweight. Good build, bad shipping.

  12. I own one of their wood (Teak) models … they sound absolutely amazing. Everything works perfect and the battery life is insane for the amount of power it can deliver. Bottom line, if you are into quality sound, this is worth every penny.

  13. Younger Lew didn't know he would encounter much louder Bluetooth speakers but now he knows…
    You can never have a loud enough speaker!

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