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  1. This one made me stop buy 2k. This games is so trash with no real competition. Till 2k gets some it will forever be a micro transition joke of a game

  2. Played it for free this weekend on xb1. Character models are garbage and gameplay feels sluggish, shot meter is weird too. I think I played 2 games and promptly deleted it. Glad I got to try this dumpster fire for free before wasting $60

  3. I just recently downloaded 2k18 for PS4. At first it was great, I was able to upgrade my players attributes and OVR rating, but then my son started a career on his profile and now mine won't work! I can still do everything except upgrade attributes and my OVR rating never goes up. Can anybody tell me what's going on?

  4. What I don’t like is that when you go for a layup the meter shows up. They also took out rookie which is smart and bad at the same time. Smart cause they know that they kept VC earnings after games the same for each difficulty. Bad because it’s hard to shoot and go for layups.

  5. If 2K Sports is going for true realism, they need to allow Lebron to travel sometimes and have player flops for fake fouls. And also “random” bad calls by the referees. It would make the game extremely realistic.

  6. NBA 2k18 probably the trashiest 2k game, I get full bars (good), doesn't go in, wide open. I'm a 93 overall by the way. Here's another thing about the shot meter, I get full bars and it either says "Slightly late" or "Slightly early". Therefore, the shot meter is a bust this year.

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