WWE 2K18 Review

WWE 2K18 reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PS4. Also available on Xbox One and PC. WWE 2K18 Cena Nuff Edition Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKcwdr_agog Check out WWE 2K18 Backstage…


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  1. Do you suppose we could have far better and more complete games if they stopped releasing them every year?
    Like just focus on getting it all right without the yearly deadline!

  2. Aweful game, in the uk it was £48 on release then 6 weeks later flogging it for £20! That says it all doesn’t it.
    Graphics are good but that’s about it.

  3. Here comes the pain will always be the best game out of them all. I enjoyed some later ones. But still in the last few years they started to try and make it too realistic which then just wasn't fun.

  4. You spend too much time in these games watching long animations play out. They need to speed things up and quit treating it like a sports sim.Also lose the commentary and just play music.

  5. guys coukd I ask sth? Has WWE2K18 Road To Wrestlemania mode? I am asking because I have the Wrestlemania Edition and I dont have Road To Wrestlemania mode.Please answer me..

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