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If you go into A Way Out thinking its mandatory two-player co-op is a gimmick, you’ll likely come out of it realizing that it couldn’t have been done any other way. 28 Minutes of A Way Out…


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  1. When he mentioned the climax and the fact that it has to be a two player game, I knew straight away what the ending must be, looked it up on Wikipedia, and yep, I was correct… so quite formulaic and you see it coming a mile off even without playing the game.

  2. This is a great game to play with someone couch co-op who likes story and doesn't normally play video games. It's like a Telltale Game or Until Dawn with a couple cool gimmicks thrown in. I'm all for games that non-gamers can sit down on the couch and enjoy with friends even if they haven't played video games since the NES days.

  3. For those who have not bought this yet, DON'T. It takes about 6 hours to complete in which about 4 hours are cut scenes. No matter whether you take Leo's way or Vincent's, the outcome is the same except for the end scene. This is the worst game I've played on PS4, so disappointing. Graphics are poor, shooting and driving are horrendous, story is pretty lame.

  4. I just played through this yesterday with a friend and I enjoyed it but the forced co-op mechanics didn't really seem utilized in a way that I thought was special.

  5. This game took me by storm , I was completely hooked the entire time and by the end it was so emotional (without me spoiling of course) I actually cried. Anyways I hope this gets GOTY I’m not over exaggerating when I say it either this is such a good game it’s well written and the transition between each chapter and scenario is done beautifully , so if you haven’t tried this game out yet I highly HIGHLY suggest you do so as soon as possible

  6. Stiff gameplay, questionable graphics and glitches at time. Whatever plot with a great twist at the end that revives the story…if it wasn't the end of the game already. I give an 8.1. Other studios can really take this blueprint and build off if this type of game though.

  7. By far one of the best co op games I have ever played! And it's my honest opinion that its sorely underpriced for what you get here!
    Dont miss out on this game!

  8. What the hell, this game is a complete failure in my eyes. The gameplay is really slow and basic which makes it super boring, the characters are uninteresting and there's nothing new to it besides the fact you HAVE to play it co-op. Was really stoked for it but it was a huge disappointment for me.

  9. Seem to be the only one here who hated, and I was open about it in the series we did.
    We called all of the twists, it was predictable and boring, the best parts were the hospital scene and the opening fight in the court. Not ideal for casual co-op, it gets boring very quick.
    Yes, it could have been done a different way, multiple different ways, it didn't need to be EA's answer to a co-op TellTale game.


  10. hey..me and my friend want to buy this game…but we can only play on 1 pc…is this possible…and if so..can we plug in 2 keyboards? please help guys

  11. Hooked for 5 hours?! Jesus Wept, The gameplay is played for you, it's title should have been 'We'll show you the way out' – And it's directly fuelling the death of PC games by building another wee sinister bridge between the button-pushing-console Zombies and people who like to feel a game. Another IGN review that just tries to please everyone!

  12. I think A Way Out deserve more than 8.3. Maybe a 9 or more will good enough. Since this is the first time for a long time EA finally give a great move. And since this game is a really great co-op movie-like game. This game deserve more love.

    I even still don't believe that this is an EA game.

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