Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

Assassin’s Creed Origins reviewed by Alanah Pearce on Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and PC. 9 New Things in Assassin’s Creed Origins: The History…


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  1. Absolutely great game! Untill you reached Memphis and you realise how extremely boring and monotonous this game is

  2. MY FAVORITE ASSASSINS CREED! That's saying a lot for me, especially since Assassin's Creed 2 was such a great game. The exploration, randomness of attacks, side quests, hidden weaponry, VISUALS—all are AMAZING! Definitely a MUST-HAVE (sorry for all the caps, but I'm serious lol)

  3. im still having fun with this game. its so fun to just discover stuff than fddind out that you already eliminated the target the npc wants and instant reward

  4. I'd say a 9/10. There are bugs for PC.. some crashing as well. It will either crash on startup for most and then play for hours on end until it crashes again. The patch fixed some performance issues but the game on PC isn't optimized very well. My Ryzen 1700 will utilize 75% of its power at times and cause major spikes from 30% to 75% in the cities in the game. This will cause massive frame rate drop. The patch fixed some drops but it's still there.

  5. AC Origins story is so boring and it has the worst characters and dialogues ever. I started playing it after finishing Witcher 3 so my expectation was really high. After completing the first map of AC Origins I installed The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Best Game 2017 Game Awards) and it really hooked me in and now I don't even feel like going back to AC Origins. It has the best Graphics till date I will give them full credit for that but only great graphics don't make great games.

  6. For this game you really have to give it time and then it’s amazing in it’s environments and story quests. Egypt is so lush and beautiful. Absolutely one of my favorite games along with Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, AC BF, GTA 5 and more.

  7. Actually theres alot of trade off with some Legendarys, i got a fake Legendary Siwa Sickle sword that was cursed and took 2 bars of my health. So there are major trade off

  8. i'm still blown away by the fact that u can climb every freakin moutain, hill, building…. every open world game should have this option. i remember in MGS phantom pain i was disappointed in snake's climbin ability. he's an assassin too for christ sake.

  9. I hope on the next AC they smooth out the combat animations if seems very stiff to me. Like dark souls 2 good combat but looks janky as hell.

  10. This is my first Assassin's Creed game and I love it! Cool places,interesting characters,nice story and very addictive xp level system.

  11. Guy whats your favourite assassins creed game. Mine probably black flag or unity. I know many are going to disagree but these are my opinions, whats yours??

  12. Ohhh no! You have to play side quests just to level up enough for the main quests?!? That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard >.< (and I've heard some fucking things). So you'd rather just play all the main quests first and then be like 30 levels too high for all the remaining side quests? Okay. Does IGN know fuck all about levelling mechanics? It's designed like that because that's the most logical way to do it. *Disliked video just for that point. And the destiny 2 has better legendary weapons point was equally as stupid and wrong.

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