Demonetized Tech Videos? Ask MKBHD V21!

RIP Headphone Jack. Casey’s video: MrMobile video on the Axon M: Video Gear I use:…


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  1. Super dig your channel. I just discovered you and have subscribed. You had me at "LG v30". You're the tall, athletic, sporty, tech guru, frisbee champion Ebony to Peter Mckinnon's rock n' rolla, skateboarding, one-wheeling, card tricking, coffee loving, cinema pimp Ivory. And I mean that as a deep, heart felt, nothing-but-love compliment!

  2. Regarding ZTE Axion M – back in 2013 I was working for an overseas subsidiary of a Japanese company that (used) to make android based smartphones, and a prototype of a dual screen phone that looked and folded just like that ZTE phone was placed on my desk, I remember the first thing I said when I powered it up and saw how it worked was "Why?"

    I can't go into much detail but a few months later I would be working on software projects where we were basically manufacturing the "why" (eg: "We can use one screen as dedicated input! That way your fingers aren't obscuring the view! Brilliant! Please prototype my awesome and fully fleshed out idea, when will you be finished?").

    Anyway, phone was released, phone flopped, awful idea meets disinterested consumer. It wasn't alone either, a few months later a competing Japanese company released a similar phone, which also flopped. Now 4 years later ZTE is trying the exact same thing…

  3. Is there a problem with doing what the Meizu pro 7 did with their phone. Wouldn't that allow for no selfie camera, and make bezels smaller on the front because it's gone? Or would that add to the space to put the back display?

  4. Wireless isn't "so good". The battery life is still abysmal. I listen to my music throughout my entire shift at work and there's no wireless solution for people like me. I need a headphone jack.

  5. I make tech / geocache / dashcam videos. Mine get demonetized all the time. Including one of my kids in a forest trying to find a geocache. no swearing, no anything.. but demonetized. mind blowing. I would switch to facebook if FB monetized their ads.

  6. Just posted a video. It is scheduled for noon. I have to schedule ahead because I have to plan for problems that I didn't have 8 months ago.
    I'm putting a linkage to the treadles using a better connection, a heim joint. The vid was DEMONetized. I screwed around with the title and the word joint got it DEMONetized. Pee Pee Ca Ca and good old #2 are fine. F everyone and threats are fine too. Just for God's sake don't say Heim Joint.

  7. So proud of MKB for knowing that this demonetized situation is not his fight. If you make a bunch white nationalists/white man power videos, it's totally cool. The issue is, what makes you think that companies that have patrons that stand nothing to gain from your views want to support companies that are paying to broaden your message? It's common sense really. Now the wealthy paid nationalists that can't sit in a living room and collect a check from inciting racism and separatism have to spread their message for the reasons they claimed to be sharing those messages. They claim to be passionate about those views but maybe some are just passionate about getting a check from frustrated citizens that have taken a hit in tough economic climate and need someone to blame for their misfortune. Either way, that's not our fight.

  8. I have always said Youtube should have called their (Advertisers) bluff. They have billions of willing viewers Youtube should have told the advertisers to go somewhere else. They would have folded when Youtube called their bluff. My channel is not big enough to get it going, but there should be a Boycott from all creators/viewers on a selected date worldwide. Hit them in the pocketbook and they will listen. I think that everybody that cares about this medium will participate.

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