Dope Tech of CES 2018! [Part 1]

Razer. Sennheiser. HTC. All of the pixels. This is Dope Tech of CES 2018! What else should I see? Video Gear I use:…


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  1. The ONLY sucky thing about the Razor Phone & this new Laptop(Project Linda)….is this! My Cell Carrier doesn't support the Razor Phone!…..along w: Pixel 2, OnePlus 5T, Mi 2, and on and on and on. REALLY REALLY SUCKS. Basically I get Samsung Galaxy/Note (along with cheaper J), iPhone, Essential, Kyrocera, & LG 2-4 phones. Can YOU guess my carrier yet. Hint, if running Track, you can do a 400 Meter **** LOL, Cheers

  2. Just watching the first few minutes of this vid….Noticed a weird thing for a "Dope Tech Event"….that is; the lighting seems to suck royally, especially if wanna film or take pics. Is this just me imagining this, or am I TOTALLY NOT CRAZY, & the lighting truly does suck? Seems like a nightmare to do vids at this show, which is surprising, as you'd think the developers, booths, etc…would WANT THEIR products shown & highlighted on any & every media outlet! LOL Odd, I'd say, Odd. Cheers

  3. Bought the first Osmo with my own money. What a load of crap. No confidence in the brand. Would not pair properly with my phone….well would till they shipped out a software update. Lousy product.

  4. Hlw… How are you… ??? I hope good…. I am a student … My budget is low … And i am confused to buy apple macbook 2015 12inch or lenovo 320s 14 inch 2017 …. Whish i should buy in 2018…. Please help me to buy… I ll.thankful….

  5. You know the iphone background on lockscreen when you can move ur phonr, and the background get effected? I want that on the desktop on the computer

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