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  1. For all of you out there get good and once again it's called a fighting game that's why there's fighting in it an amount of people are just mad cuz they can't be babied like they were in Xenoverse

  2. It's Streetfighter x Tekken all over again. love the concept, game looks amazing, well thought out and perfectly translated from non 2d fighter into a well designed 2d fighter but gameplay devolved due to easy-mode control schemes put in place so that people new to 2d fighters can pick up and play. also Streetfighter x Tekken fizzled out within months of release.

  3. People will hate me for this, but I refuse to buy this game. Stop DBZ fighting games, they’ve been making them since past 2002. I’m so bored of them.
    I want an action adventure rpg

  4. If your a big fan of xenoverse this game isn't for you…. thought I'd like the old school fighting style but down it's boring button smashing compared to xenoverse. Might be good for some people but not my cup of tea.

  5. hmm my opinion on the game is 6.5 i mean its good and all but ANDROID 16 and i mean there are some charecters like ANDROID 16 and i mean ANDROID 16 plus ANDROID 16 and have you heard of ANDROID 16?!!!?!!?!? (so basically he can stand 50 kicks and 10000 punches and not take any damage and he can insta kill u since you cant block hes combo neither can you dodge the combo "or you can but its 99.99 impossible" so ehh idk the games charecters are really unbalanced but otherways it would be an 9.5 game

  6. Wait… they dubbed this?? Surprising considering Blazblue / Guilty Gear Xrd… there must be a LOT of dialogue in that story mode too…

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