New Gadget Reviews (10th – 15 Feb 2018)

This week we had Valentines day meal at a restaurant that was less good then we expected it too be. But we ordered ourselves some gadgets. We brought ourselves a new hoover ready for when…


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  1. Your new vacuum looks like a newer version of the one I have. Dyson vacuums are offensively expensive, but the cordless version is really good. It doesn’t run very long, but it is much more convenient for incremental spot cleaning, which is mostly what I do. I don’t normally dedicate time to vacuuming my whole house at once. I hope it works well for you.

    The new remote looks nice. It is cool that it can work while charging. You could keep a small USB battery with you as a backup if the remote power is low.

    Your candy bar placement was very romantic.

  2. There are many who would have no second thoughts about taking a dirty car to the garage. Glad you aren’t one of those. Says something about you.

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