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  1. There’s a whole other pvp aspect to the game which with time and skill makes the game more enjoyable. It’s hard to review a game that has so many levels to it especially when it’s your first time playing it

  2. Decent review only thing bothering me is saying the combat system isn’t accurate well it’s prob way to accurate, sure when spraying there a decent amount of aim cone but I can’t hear u say that after seeing you miss all those shots. make me think you judged that off the footage well you just didn’t line the shot right. rest of the review was alright 6/10

  3. הומו תפרוש מIGN אתה לא מבין כלום זה אחלה משחק יא בן זונה בן שרמוטה תתאבד או שאני יזיין את אמא שלך אם עוד פעם אחת דבר ככה על ראסט אני יכניס לאמא שלך אבן לתחת

  4. I personally think he should be put into a clan and go on some raids his perspective of the game will be changed a lot this game, also this game has an adrenaline rush element in it because when you go to a "rad" town and getting a good item, getting you're way home is tense hoping you won't get ambushed.

  5. I bet if you had friends and played the game for at least 200 hours you would have more fun. Many people that are unskilled at certain games could get annoyed. "You" . How I know your bad? Your spending time on a 10x server rocketing nakeds… I don't even know if you have played a full wipe of rust…

  6. If you're going to play for 30 hours on deadly official servers, you really shouldn't expect to get more than a bow. This game would be at least a 9/10 if someone who has more playtime on the game rates it.

  7. Every weapon in rust is almost 100% accurate so I don’t know what that point was lol. Also did u even touch a gun in your play time? Each gun has learnable recoil and is extremely good. This review was really bland and it honestly seemed like you didn’t spend any time learning the game lmao.

  8. FYI, you can’t find a metal hatchet blueprint. Only a few blueprints can be found. It’s obvious the reviewer did not come away with an understanding of the game. If a review is going to be compiled from 30 hours of game play I would suggest playing with an experienced player.

  9. this sounds so unexperienced and looks like they dont know how to play rust it needs min 200h to get even close to near experience to judge this game its rust come on ign 30h really?

  10. The best review that could be made for somebody with so few hours. It’s never going to be easy to review this because you need around 200hrs to even get an Idea of how the game should be played. Good review for somebody who wants to come into the game and doesn’t play frequently, but for someone who that is designed for it falls short.

  11. The reviewer got a bit wrong but in 30 hours solo he couldn’t even like raid or have the chance to make a good base to get raided if he just started

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