The Almost All-Screen Smartphone…

This is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. No notch necessary! Start your 30 day trial with Audible – or text unbox to 500-500 The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is a breath of fresh air in…


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  1. how fucken hard can to put in a 3.5mm jack????is it a copyright thing for tech specs? I mean im willing to pay an extra $50 or so to get this done or are the chinese on another planet and dont use 3.5mm jacks??

  2. Make the Note 4 again, but waterproof it, and throw in the latest chipset. Add a second camera if you're feeling generous and have to justify charging $500 for it.

  3. Damn 8 GB of RAM in a phone my laptops got 4 what's going on here i'm being cheap so I'm still using my iPhone 5 so I still got one gigabyte of RAM sad face still works though I was able to watch this YouTube video on it because as we all know the phones ability to play YouTube is the most important part about it right guys

  4. Hey Lew, the Mi Mix (original) did not use the bone-conduction "earpiece". It vibrated the entire device to create sound. You don't need your face for it.

  5. been many months since I've seen a video i enjoyed on this channel. probably the cup that sticks to the table… time to say goodbye… goodbye

  6. What's going on my I'm a dancer I know you don't normally do this White can you come look at YouTube page And let me know what you think about it I'm not looking for likes or subscribers I really wanna know people's opinion about my dancing

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