Rainbow Six Siege Review (2018 Update)

Rainbow Six Siege reviewed by Tom Marks on PC. Also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This review and score replace our original November 2015 review. 10 Essentials Tips From A Rainbow…


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  1. Ok that's some agressive marketing right there… The game is an amazing idea, but I feel like they are being way too confident about it and for that they simply don't correct some irritating flaws

  2. I remember the original Rainbow Six, I used to see that game on the shelves in Comp USA (remember that store?) and other places like Office Depot, etc., back when they used to sell PC games. Rainbow Six 1 was so much different than this game. Very much a slow-paced, strategic type game.

  3. what i like about siege is that even when you die you can still help out your teammates by spotting or giving callouts. so there is almost no downtime. having traps still exist in the map even after you die allows you to indirectly participate in the chance of harming the enemy team.

  4. I’ve played this game for 389 hours and only have to buy 3 expensive operators to have them all rn, I did spend 45 euro’s minimum, but it’s worth it.

  5. Rainbow Six Siege is a f**** joke who the f*** is playing this boring as game while there's other games going to be coming out there's going to be way more funner than this s*** like come on like Rainbow Six needs to f**** die already and I need to make something else

  6. When this game came out, I wasn’t really interested in it and didn’t bother picking it up. I decided to give it a try a couple months ago, and I’m happy to say I’ve been hooked since.

  7. almost everything he's saying is exactly how this game was when it first came out… I dunno how many people are newcomers to Siege but nothing really changed other than some balancing, connection stability issues resolved, and new OPs. This game deserved a 9.5 when it came out and still does honestly. It is the best tactical PvP FPS ever made

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