Sea of Thieves Review in Progress – Day 4 Impressions

We’re nearing the end of our journey on the sea of thieves and while there’s a lot to like, disappointing progression hinders the experience. Sea of Thieves Graphics Comparison: Xbox One vs….


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  1. They need to add PvE Royal Navy ships, more enemies on the islands like dangerous animals. They need to add fishing and a fish trader and maybe some other quests. Right now it is like a playground with very few things to play on but with your friends it's still fun to hang out in.

  2. While I don't doubt that you played it a decent amount to make a review…. I know for a fact I've only played like 15 hours mostly messing around no grinding and my levels are higher than yours. So saying you played 30-50 sounds like a massive exaggeration.

  3. Day 256 review in progress. Hate to say but thats it… that is what the game has to offer. Jokes aside who knows what this game will bring

  4. Even if being a pirate legend makes it worth being £60, thats still unfair to the player. I shouldn't have to slog through 50 levels of the merchants to have something enjoyable

  5. I love how it is a Pirate Game yet there is nothing to Pirate. Pirates spent their time looting merchant ships not looking around for other pirates to go into armed conflict with.

  6. I don’t think it’s artificially inflated or at least if it is it is to keep out the riff-raff. I do agree that looking at it as a fun experience rather than a grind is helpful. Progression is okay – I think more options are key though.

  7. He problem is: the only way to gain gold is by grinding missions. It’s a job…. just like real life working… we use games to escape work. I feel like this game becomes work after 6 hours

  8. you guys are pretty bad for being essentially "pro gamers" u can grab like 20 chicken and pig crates b4 u voyage… its the easiest rep to get if u know wtf u are doing.

  9. The higher lvl you get the more you earn & i'm getting voyages for 6 to 7 chest/skulls/animals. The game does get harder & your suppose to have fun with friends & the pvp game chat is hilarious

  10. Why are IGN so lenient and reluctant to call a spade a spade? You can't release a glorified demo for $60 now and then release the game through updates later… It didn't wash when NMS did it, and it doesn't wash now that SoT is doing it. Unacceptable practice, and review outlets have a responsibility to let consumers know this rather than sympathising about "potential" and "the future".

  11. Wow, what slow progress. I did 2 forts first thing in the game and i was over level 10 in all factions.

    Merchant Alliance is the best faction to do, especially with a group. My level 20 missions with them give me 4-5 thousand gold and I get them done in 10 minutes (gotta know where to go). Those golden chickens give you 1.2k to 1.7k for each turn in (if you have a mission for one).

  12. IGN DAY 73:
    Well rare still hasn't added new content so we'll keep holding off giving this game a 6/10.

    In other news, I've caught my 50th chicken, for the 3rd time.

  13. This game is garbage. You really think people will be playing this in years to come? I couldn’t even be bothered after a full day playing.

    Ubisoft are coming out with a new pirate game. Now that looks good.

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