Friday the 13th: The Game Review

Friday the 13th: The Game reviewed by Daemon Hatfield on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Friday the 13th – How to Kill Jason Voorhees…


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  1. This game needs a lot of work

    Why do characters have stats you can upgrade. So dumb. The controls are clunky, the gameplay is not fun because you cant even see the status of your teammates like who is dead and who is alive. The map is wayyy too big and jason has so many unnecessary powers. Like whycan he just magically see where everyone is

    Why can he magically teleport

    Like just make the map smaller and get rid of all these dumb gameplay mechanics. Hiding is pointless because he can use his ability to just magically see you. Takes the fun out of it

  2. I did get the game and I played it for about a few hours and I decided to never touch it again because Jason teleports now and he kills everybody within five minutes so it’s no fun to be anybody but Jason they ruined the game doing that

  3. I own the physical copy of the game and I can definitely say that playing as counsellors is as fun as playing Jason and there is a lot of thrill fun and gore in this game so don’t trust the review and buy the game.

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