Top 10 Exclusive Cars Custom Made for the Super Rich (2018 Edition)

The valid price for Apollo Intensa Emozione is 2.7 million dollars. We apologize for the mistake.

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Many people would argue that an automobile is just a mean of transportation and should not be an item of exuberant luxury. However, rich people have convictions of their own regarding this matter and since demand always creates the supply, various small and big automakers make sure to build ever more expensive, luxurious and powerful cars every year to satisfy an already picky and spoiled buyer. Today we wanted to review the latest entries to the club of exotic supercars that are worth fortunes and at the same time a mere fraction of a billionaire’s bank account. But before we start our journey through kings’ garages, we wanted to remind you to become our subscriber if you enjoy interesting content about the Automotive world.
If you are interested in the cars presented in this video, you can always find out more info by following the links below.
1. McLaren Senna:
2. Apollo Intensa Emozione:
3. Ferrari FXX-K Evo:
4. Hennesey Venom F5:
5. Devel Sixteen:
6. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S:
7. Vulcano Titanium:
8. ORAGE by Prato Automobiles:
9. Tramontana:
10. Lykan Hypersport:

Music Credits:
Night by Ametryo:
Adventures by A Himitsu
Released by: Argofox
Release date: 8 June 2015


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  1. The McLaren looks like a McLaren most of the others you may as well paint red and slap a horse on the bonnet except the 5k camel which will never leave the dyno. The Lykan definitely has some Lambo dna. At least you've got some relevant information which ranks it higher than most other videos of this category.

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