iPhone 8 Review: Skip this Great Phone!

iPhone 8 is here already. But iPhone X is around the corner. What’s the verdict? iPhone 8 (unlocked): http://amzn.to/2yyoLJb iPhone 8 skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/iphone-8-skins Video Gear…


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  1. Really wtf,? 2011 spec? 750p tiny 4. 7 inch screen with huge bezels and 2gm ram have not change in 5 years iphone 6,6s,7,7s,totally unceptable for 2018 and it cost $799

  2. I actually love that space grey but I don’t know if I should go with 64gb or 256gb cuz I would like to have a home button for 2 more years until Face ID is completely secure

  3. To be honest, I bought the iphone 10 and used it for a couple of months. I returned it to Apple to get the 8 plus. Oddly, I still like those bezels.

  4. I think I might b=go with the 8+ just because of the tele lens and because in Canada theres a bigger price difference compared to the X

  5. Dear people in the comments! This never-ending dilemma between iOS and Android should STOP! I like what I like, you like what you like! Just go with it, don’t fight over something stupid! Leave a like if you agree!

  6. now in retr0-spec i actually traded my iphoneX for a i8/128: IMHO i hated the X, i spent 2 months with it, and its just silly w/o finger print. i was just using a pin. im soO much more happy with the 8 i wish they did add a few more features like a better cam, and some more RAM since i tend to have a lot of stuff open.  also im finding the battery is a bit better in the 8 IME. i know a lot of users feel the same way i did, when to the 8, or even sold the X and lit their old 7 back up.

  7. Turns out the iPhone 8 isn't as "irrelevant" as you thought but the iPhone 10 is. Sales are bad enough that Apple scaled back production.

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