AirPods for Android?!

Now that the headphone jack is dead… exploring the best wireless earbuds for Android! ↓↓ All Products linked below // Pricing may vary ↓↓ Google Pixel Buds:…


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  1. Just ordered the new Jabra Elite Active 65t. If you are looking for good wireless earbuds that are actually better than Airpods, I would say check em out.

  2. Gotta say, I disagree with this review. I bought a pair of Jaybird Runs yesterday and used them for a few hours. I found the buttons so hard to press that they were functionally useless. There's no way to control the volume on the buds by default (you have to go into the app, find the settings, and enable "alternate controls" for that to work), and the damn thing kept falling out of my right ear.

    Call quality was good, music quality was good but the bass was REALLY weak by default and had to be customized in the app to get it even halfway decent. It does block out the sound from outside really well, but I found that to actually be a hindrance for use in the car. I mainly use my Bluetooth for calls, notifications, and GPS navigation, and play music through my car speakers which was difficult to listen to with these buds in.

    After several hours, I took them back to Best Buy and exchanged them for a set of Pixel Buds, and I'm liking these a lot more. They fit more securely in my ears (haven't had them fall out yet) and the audio is loud and of good quality (in fact, I'd say better quality audio than the Jaybirds) without blocking out the rest of the world and impairing my hearing.

  3. Airpods are awesome and the best wireless earbuds out there.I use them on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 all the time and also with my Samsung TV and various other devices.
    definitely worth the price,so comfortable and convenient to use,and I'm aware of sound in my surrounding..that's exactly what I want,for more serious listening sessions I use full size headphones (Skulcandy Crusher Wireless),but for everyday use,Airpods are PERFECT.

  4. Going back and reviewing this the jaybirds suck… Nothing against ur video but they have bad connectivity issues and horrible customer support. Even after the update I get reduces volume, pairing issues, and lost connectivity…. I wouldn't recommend.

  5. I laughed a bit when he said about the Yevo, "They also sound like hot garbage, like truly impressive, 'are you sure it's not broken?' terrible audio." I hope others did too.

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