Guinness World Records | Marques Brownlee & Brodie Smith

Its one thing to set a new world record. It’s another to completely SHATTER one! Watch as Marques Brownlee and Brodie Smith take on Guinness World Records for most flying disc passes by a…


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  1. So it was cool that he broke the record for throwing the frisbee into the basket over 152 feet. But I think it could have done it better, because it doesn't make sense to have the basket or net brought down. It shouldnt have to gotten brought down. Because the guy that you where competing didn't have the net brought down, so you guys should have done the same thing. Isn't that how records are broken?

  2. Is the narrator the guy that did all those VH1 shows? (ie I love the __ series)

    Edit: Nvm found out the answer. He did the “The Fabulous Life of…” series.

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