iPhone X vs Pixel 2 – Reading Mean Comments ft. UnboxTherapy & Dave2D

iPhone X vs Pixel – Reading the worst, mean comments on YouTube ft. Dave2D & UnboxTherapy! iPhone X Unboxing: https://youtu.be/etV7qrLITQg iPhone X Skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/iphone-x-skins…


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  1. It's really cool of these guys to take these comments with a grain of salt and make light of them. I'm sure they get it all the time. I love their videos! People are such assholes. They're making money and doing what they love, so forget whatever anyone else thinks.

  2. 8:06 @UnboxTherapy click baiting the viewer and then say the viewer is guilty for getting caught, is he that stupid?

    Trying to look innocent by making the viewer look naive??? Shameless

  3. how if you cut your finger, what will happen to touch id. ha ha. just like plastic surgery problem for face id. simple solution pin code… don't stress anymore…..

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