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  1. This game had potential but it just didn't live up to mafia 2. The warfare in this game was horrendous, definetly have played much better games.

  2. I started playing this game yesterday for first time and man it is buggy, performs bad and crashes every now and then, but the story is one of the best I ever seen in a game.

  3. I just bought this game for £11.99 off the PSN store, and in all honesty, I think this game is criminally underrated. I don't understand why this game receives so much hate at all!

  4. I tried getting interested in the story but after a few hours I got bored which is a damn shame as I think mafia 2 was one of the best game of the last generation

  5. What ?! This game doesn't deserve 7.5 more like 6.5 because of its ridiculous repetitive gameplay and the story. You introduce Vito Scaletta abd then let players to kill him by choice. I hope someone saves Vito and then he gets his revenge on Lincoln. Can't wait for Mafia 4.

  6. I'm getting mighty sick of reading comments about people bashing Mafia III. This game was freakin' AMAZING!  I still think about it and wish I could be playing it still. What's people's problem?  I can't believe some people could have such different taste in games.

  7. I thought the Game was wicked just finished the story and started the DLC it’s got some great moments as of said can get repetitive and that but it truly is a unique game love the vibe city music and characters

  8. Yeah but for fu*k sake
    Its MAFIA 3 not ARMY 3
    Of course its going to be repetitive if its going to be realistic and to suit the time period. Why are people forgetting this game is in 1968 so there aren't going to be rocket launchers and attack helicopters. People need to get a grip, its a different game entirely to GTA 5 cause of the time period, so its not going to be realistically comparable is it? Use your brains people and be fair without immediately disregarding a game you haven't played ffs

  9. I was & in some sense STILL are a big mafia fan, i was reeally hoping on a follow up from Mafia 2! Like Mafia 2 did from Mafia 1! Back to the roots! Which IMO to many old good games need to do instead of jus rushing in to doing a "money making" sequel :/ Mafia had a GREAT & SOLID "read thread" in the story line! Soo sad to see no trace of it in this one 🙁 Anyone else remember the last scene in Mafia 2 & also would like to see the conclusion from that?

  10. This review was just one man's opinion. He's not the one to judge since everyone's play-style is different. If you're a RPG gamer, then this is one of many to play and to keep in your archives. If you're a FPS gamer, then there are plenty of games out there that are meant for you.

    Main point, reviews are bullshit. Just another attention grabber to get people arguing on why this game is better than that game.

    IGN's intentions may be true in giving the people what they're looking for in a game, but it's just too much trouble being caused, like every other topic being discussed about, then some dude gets stabbed in the neck in his bed because someone didn't like his disagreement to a discussion because his views were different.

  11. Mafia 3 is bad because was worked by GTA 5 team…
    This is just GTA 5 mod in 60….
    If you want real Mafia game , play Mafia 2 or even 1 again.

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