OPINION: Playing as a Female Character in Far Cry 5 Is Really Weird

While we’ve had a lot of fun playing Far Cry 5, it can feel a bit jarring if you play as a female character, though having a silent protagonist just in general causes some narrative issues….


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  1. i think the issue is the title, its misleading, she says its weirder playing as a female but then iterates that its weird playing as both genders because he or she is silent. Its a bit of a click bait.

  2. Did you ever try playing Shadow of Mordor as a female? It was just a female from part of the story as you fight and then it jarringly changes back to the male character for cinematics and advancing story.

  3. To the people who are disliking without watching the video. There are some very good points made in the video. It is not complaining about the main character being designed as a guy. It is more that they added a female choice within the game without it making sense within the dialogue, as if it was an aftethought. Which is my opinion is bad story design within a game like this.

  4. And also Far Cry franchise is not as popular or well known like GTA. I mean everyone has played at least one GTA game in their life but a Far Cry game……….not so much.

  5. NPC sometimes refers to me as « her » or « she », even though I’m a male character. Localization problems, I guess…
    But yeah, I definitely agree with you, the lack of voice is a serious weakpoint, in my opinion. The antagonists’ lines are really good but wasted without an answer from our character.

  6. You know only Hurk and that other dude just calls you 'Bro'. Hurk even says that regardless of male and female he just calls everyone his bros and homies

  7. Id rather have me as a character "then some 20 something so-cal douchebag with a tattoo, pardon my french" i also love the subtle noises he makes when a fishing line breaks

  8. It's a fair complaint that choosing a different character breaks immersion and feels weird in some situations.

    But, having voiced protagonist(s) and maintaining the level of customisation to your playable character is a difficult situation to bring into fruition as well, considering the fact that you have the ability to modify your character and how he/she looks and it's a bit unrealistic to have only 2 sets of voiced dialogue for characters that can have a myriad array of existences. Dialogue options, like the ones in TES, are the only possible way to combine character customisation and a protagonist driven story (that I have come across, apologies if I've missed some examples).

  9. the whole game feels wierd because the character doesn‘t talk. if the character had been fully voiced (which should be standard in AAA games) the problem would not be there as much.

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