Driving a Tesla Model 3! [Auto Focus Ep. 1]

Hands-on with the newest, least expensive Tesla electric car! Auto Focus || Episode 1 || Tesla Model 3! Tracks by Jordyn Edmonds: https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds Video Gear I use: http://kit…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. The last thing (because of a gag order by Tesla) you'll ever hear about is the dreadful quality of this car. You won't hear about it here, you won't hear about it in the other Tesla cult channels and you won't hear it in the mass media. You will experience it first hand if you ever buy one though.

  2. Having no dash cluster fucking sucks. I don't want to hear my grandma in the back seat complaining that I'm driving 5 miles over the speed limit because she can see the speed on the giant fucking billboard in the middle of the car.

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