OnePlus 5 Review!

OnePlus 5 is official, and will be $479. Is it worth it? OnePlus 5 skins: OnePlus 5: Video Gear I use:…


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  1. Don't buy OnePlus phones. The screen shot feature does not work. I get a not allowed error when I try to take a screenshot. I have tried to work around this by using third party screenshot apps. No luck. I'll eigther get the same error or it will take a screenshot but the screenshot only shows a blank screen.

  2. The reason that I want it is because it does look like an iPhone! I have been using Apple throughout the years and I am tired of them. At this point the only thing that I will credit them for is the beautiful design. The OnePlus 5, or any other of their models, will be my next phone because it reminds me so much of an iPhone, but it (thankfully) isn't!

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