Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Review

This remaster is a stunning return to the classic that wowed us in the first place. Shadow of the Colossus Graphics Comparison: PS2 vs. PS4 Pro:…


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  1. Playing this for the first time and gotta say so far I am not overly blown away by it. Awful controls, very erratic camera and the battles are repetitive. I fail to see what the hype is about??

  2. Good game I defeated the monsters with great satisfaction, about 8 total I rented it Redbox and didn't want to return it. At times I got bored and others I just thought I was playing a cooler Zelda. Good remake I guess even though I never played the original. Enjoy fully entertained nevertheless

  3. Ok i'm sorry but theres problems in this remaster wonders face looks too young not full of emotion or determination and some of the colossus are broke they need fixing and mono isnt bright to represent that she matters to wonder she just looks dull and final the camera my god why didnt they fix the camera so i'm sorry until they fix this game i wouldnt buy it if i were u

  4. somebody help me out here !!! …

    there was another game similar to this but i cant remember what its called. what i mean by similar is the climbing on top of massive monsters, except in the game im thinking of it had a young child instead. also i could be wrong but i dont think there were many of these monsters(maybe one or two, not sure). you had to get the attention of the monster, gain trust in eachother, and use eachother to each's advantage to escape where they were I THINK. there was lots of puzzle type things you had to solve to proceed. i even remember when it came out pewdiepie was very excited for this big game and made gameplay videos for it, which is how i discovered the game.

    if anyone knows and could help it would be highly appreciated πŸ™‚ im literally dying to know haha…

  5. Maybe 6-8 hours if you've played it before, it took me about 12. I loved every minute of this game though, oh my God

  6. Not sure if they even bring it up in the review but can anyone confirm if they fixed the problem the PS3 remaster had. It involved your grip and how you would shake way more than the original PS2 release. Really made it ridiculous for those Hard Time Attacks.

  7. I was so excited to play this, I had never played it until this came out, but I had heard nothing but good things. Then I bought it, and I hate the controls, and the camera is terrible. I have no motivation to play this game anymore, pretty disappointed.

  8. This was my first time playing Shadow of the Colossus. I've heard such incredible things about it over the years. If anyone is interested in this newcomer's honest perspective I just uploaded my review of the game!

  9. I probably don't get it, but I just bought Shadow of the Colossus a few days ago and completed it in about 6 hours: it must have been the worst gaming experience I've ever had in my life: yes, great visuals and unique story, but the excruciatingly bad controls (my index finger!!!) and camera ruined everything for me… I was so happy when I finally completed it as it really was a shore to get through this game. I'm returning it first thing tomorrow and will be glad I'll never have to touch it again.

  10. I hope when the PS 7 comes out they remake this again this is an instant classic if you were around when the first one came out and some of the Young Bucks today that have a PS4 don't know what this game is be a friend and tell them about it and show it to them and blow them away

  11. Unless they added the "Lost Colossi" from the Art Book as Unlock-able content, I'll be keeping my old PS2 copy. Call me old school but I liked the PS2 struggling to keep up with the sheer scale of the game. πŸ˜› Also, I HATED the slowdown moment they added for the final blow in the HD re-release. Way cooler when it was just: Boom! Death cut-scene.

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