Today we are going to play the one and only hamburger simulator also known as The Diner Duo! It’s a great game for the entire family. So attention to all the parents out there with a Vive…


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  1. Hello before you walk I wanted to thank you for the channel as it is my VR game guide.
    Also wanted to comment if you could make a top of games for free.
    Maybe you have to be so please if you can provide the link ..
    I hope you continue like this
    A hugs and a kiss from spain

  2. Nathie I love your content, but I havr feedback that might be important to you.

    Switch between the 3rd person perspective and the First Person Perspective more often, or try and make it mix more better.

    Also, I don't think "Kid friendly" is a good title, and I hate seeing this kind of titles in my sub box. Take example of TheDiamondMinecart. Before his insane subscriber count, around 1,000,000, he was a fun YouTuber to watch. However, last time I sae another video from him, I saw unappealing titles to even the mature 12 year old. Sure, I understand that you might want to aim for a bigger demographic, which was Dan's example.

    However, I'm going to say STOP GOING ANY FURTHER from making your content catering to a small demographic from VR and getting your channel to be oriented into a children oriented channel. I might point out that kids might invest when they get older about VR, but it is up to you for your channel on how to grow.

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