The Coolest Smartphone You’ll Never Touch…

The Black Shark is the first Xiaomi gaming smartphone. I hope to get my hands on it soon. What do you think? Is there a gaming smartphone in your future? What are your ultimate gaming smartphone…


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  1. MotoZ already has the controller adapter, and being a 2 year old phone still already plays pubg just fine… so.. I'm calling this shark thing pure marketing.

  2. Definitely its a (go grab it right now) Stuff man Interesting stuff going to start in the Smartphone world… I dont know if you heard it or not But ZTE is also making a gaming phone Its Called Red magic check it out too… & Loved your videos keep up the good work… 🙂

  3. there are a new gaming phone call Nubia Red Magic
    and it have a GOD DAMN RGB at the back
    but the cpu is snapdragon 835, kinda sad

  4. This is like Red Hydrogen One, over a year later and STILL no evidence of phone or how the holographic display works, just allot of fake photo-shopped images

  5. I dunno about half a controller… They need something on the other side of the phone as well. Or even better, something like the Project Ara gamepad concept.

  6. No this is a complete waste of money why would somebody buy this when they're HTC or Samsung can already connect to a Bluetooth Xbox controller. And last time I checked the best games on the Play Store doesn't make my phone overheat so why does it need to be liquid cooled. These companies are worried about the wrong stuff make my battery last longer. That is the only Innovation mobile phones need at this point!

  7. Cool phone for gaming (as mobile gaming is expanding incredibly fast) but to be honest even though I like to, sometimes, play games on my phone that is not THE thing I'm looking for in a phone in itself. Water cooling and joystick are kind of dope tech but honestly it's design is "has been" in 2018 and considering I can run every game in the maximum settings on my iPhone X (such power will last long enough to play every single games until 2020 (hope so)) I (personally) don't see the point of this phone. If it's focused on gaming i presume the camera won't be really good and a lot of other stuff I'm looking for in a phone might be missing in this phone. So, for me again I think It's cool but I don't see myself buying it.
    Keep up with the good work (btw stop bashing the iPhone X please) love your vids

  8. About Damn Time!!!! ??
    Been waiting the Good quality review for this Phone since it was Announced! If you need a good Reviewer, Lew is the man! ???
    Get your hand on the Device, ASAP Mate!

  9. Stock Android would have been much better option. I dunno why Xiaomi instead went with Joy OS on Black Shark ditching their own MIUI..

  10. I'm deffinetly gonna buy it or the mi max 3 in summer, right now i'm using mi max 1 and it's the best phone ive ever had, xiaomi knows how to sell good stuff for cheap.

  11. Pretty sure iPhone 8, 8plus and X would run all those heavy games just as good if not better than those phones made exclusively for gaming( I am not an Apple fan boy ,just so you know, i am just stating the facts here and i am pretty sure that most smart people would agree with this statement as well).

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