Ashes Cricket Review

Big Ant’s third visit to the cricket game crease has resulted in its most confident innings yet. IGN Plays Ashes Cricket Watch the latest trailers…


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  1. Prob the best cricket games and really enjoy playing it but this game has the WORLDS WORST commentary of any sports games and this will be why you see videos on here where the YouTuber’s do their own commentary rather than playing the In game commentary. I. did paste a message on BigAnt web site but got no Response.

  2. It will take many more patches to fix the bugs in Ashes cricket 2017. I hope Big Ant studios keeps updating Ashes cricket 2017 with patches and makes it the best cricket game ever.

  3. i wonder in coming years if cricket games go multiplayer online with all licensed teams ,more realism and physics and no pitch mark for batsmen to play the ball but only in power play would be awesome and playing matches with other players worldwide would be super cool but it may not quite really going to happen ugh!

  4. The faces pixelate when playing, they need to fix this and like usual no reply or fix update as always with big ant!

  5. First crickey game I'm going to buy since the old ea games, but I know it's called ashes but is it only England vs Aus or can ya do icc world cups etc?

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