Need for Speed Payback Review

Need for Speed Payback is one step forwards and two steps back for EA’s 23-year- old racing series. Check out more of the latest racing game reviews: Gran Turismo Sport:…


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  1. To many cut scenes, game don't have brightness and it is very dark to me. My eyes bleeding.
    On the other side, graphics are beautiful, commands rocks and driving is cool

  2. DUDE this is a RACING GAME…..why do you expect a to do all the action scenes by the player…..people didnt like quick time events in The Run ( I liked them)…so what do you expect them to do….its a RACING GAME…….game reviewers must think about all the criticism the games got from those stuff

  3. The cards clearly tell you what upgrades/ downgrades they do lol I'm never gonna trust ign with reviews anymore. I saw this and did not purchase the game until just now and it's way different than ign describes it. There is no "card game" it's just a system where you can see what you need to improve and what you don't

  4. at the beginning of this video i was like, oh ok, nice, i might get this, sounds similar to nfs underground 2 or nfs 2015, then by the end, i was like, damn this is a pos, why not just remake nfs underground 2 exactly the same, but with pretty graphics, definitely not bothering to get this… also, nfs games are arcadey, arcade games are best for playing with friends.. i always played splitscreen races back in the days of xbox 360.. i refuse to buy a modern console, i have a powerful gaming pc instead. buy where is the flippin splitscreen? there are very few games that include it… why??!!

  5. i actually enjoyed this a LOT
    i tend to love games like these, grinding on beating racers and then beat the boss.
    Tthese kinds of games is the one i actually like, just a ton of work with a lot of fun too.
    I'd give this game 9/10, with 28 hours of story mode and easy to master gameplay, it's just fun.

  6. Stop wasting time and money with new boring , empty streets , short races Nfs game. Just remap UG2 + Carbon + Most Wanted + Undercover In HD with Most Wanted physics. That’s all!!!

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