The Essential Phone Review: Save Your Money!

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  1. I am going to repeat what others have said. You got the phone during the first weeks of availability. It has been 9 months now and Essential has updated the software, skipped Oreo 8.0 in favor of 8.1. The issues you mentioned have been fixed such as some lagging, the camera app has had several updates making it very good, and the price has come down to $499.00. At this moment Amazon has the camera on sale for $399.00. So the value has increased taking a good whack at the major players. Samsung's Galaxy S9 series phones are struggling with camera issues and I am sure will get fixed with software updates, too. However, at half the price of the S9+, the Essential phone is the better buy at the moment, in my opinion.

    The Essential PH-1 was designed to be user-centric. It is all about the user and not the carrier you choose. That, plus the industrial look and feel evokes an emotional response that is unique in the world of Android phones.

    FYI: I got mine in April 2018 and all the updates came down right away, so I did not experience any of the issues the earlier adopters did. I did several test shoots against my Canon digital SLR. The color saturation, tone, sharpness, and color accuracy were identical. In Black & White mode, the Essential was sharper.

    Since they have fixed the camera issues and significantly lowered the price, I think it deserves reviewing again. What do you say?

  2. It's nice but seriously overpriced.

    I STILL would much rather have the OnePlus X. Beautiful design, amazing build quality, decent specs, awesome affordable price.

  3. Or you can just go and buy a S7 edge, 580 bucks.. one of the best cameras ever, one of the best displays ever, good (not amazing) battery life, great specs, good storage …. etc..

  4. I get your 700 dollar price point. But yeah the price was revisited. And pixel had a shit load of problems. I work for a cell phone company and the amount of pixels and pixel 2s that we see returned in a couple of days is crazy. I have a whole tray full of pixel phones that are sitting their collecting dust. So I don't agree with you on that point. And yeah the thing is you reviewed this phone after using it for IDK how many hours. Keep it and use it for a month then I'll ask you how this compares to other phones in the same category

  5. Okay to clear things up if you have Sprint your updates are going to roll in slow, tremendously! Sprint users are still on Android 7.1.1 and I'm receiving the second update with the April patch 8.1 Oreo.. it activated Bluetooth 5.0 and has some Notch settings..

  6. Ulefone Mix; 4gb ram, 64gb internal, sd card slot, dual sim, dual cam, headphone jack, fairly stock, fingerprint sensor and pretty fast. $130. You're welcome!

  7. Switched from an Apple iPhone to the Essential. Got sick of trying to keep up with the Apple diehards. This is the first Android I've used in 7 years, and I love it. Feels amazing to hold, runs incredibly well. Front facing camera could be better but it's not at all bad. Rear camera is solid but nothing impressive. For $450 / $500 it's an awesome value and I'm really happy using it. It's a real head turner too, people always ask me about it.

  8. Theres a price drop for it for 449.99 at best buy would it be worth upgrading from s7 edge my screen is fuck and to fix cost pretty much half of what this phone costs now, please let me know thanks

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