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  1. No idea what your technical issue is, but it is not an issue everyone has at all. I did not have to re calibrate once, and had no issue with either the hardware or software. You report your issue with the PSVR like it is a bug, and it simply is not. It is an issue YOU had with your set up. If you think that is fair, whatever. shrug.

  2. Lame, I'v always hoped for a real Redwall game, maybe in the style of the Elder Scrolls. It seems like this has very little to do with the rich source material but rather is an adaptation of someones vague childhood memory of reading a book one time.

  3. "A talented female voice actress" really went the extra mile giving the narrator credit but couldn't be bothered looking up her name lol ?

  4. Lol the Xbox guy reviews a PSVR exclusive. I guess he has a lot of time on his hands with the lack of Xbox exclusives and well, VR anything on Xbox xD

  5. Looks very cool. I wish setting up the VR wasn't such a pain, or else I'd play more games like this. I always put it back up after I use it, because I hate the way it looks just sitting out in my living room. 😛

  6. PSVR has its first system seller. This game is fascinating in the way Mario 64 was back then. It’s showing a glimpse of the future and makes stellar use of VR. Haven’t been fascinated by a game like this for quite some time. Quill is sooo cute, she really becomes alive in the game.

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