Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Review

More than the Variety Kit, this kit shows off the goofy potential of what Labo might do in the future. Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review: 5 Minutes…


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  1. Honestly do not see the appeal to this. It’s yet another thing Nintendo sell you on with an idea, they overprice it to buggery heck and then they drop it once you’re invested.

    They do this every gen, create something that they drop like a bad taste in the mouth.

    Just a few over the years, R.O.B, the Power Glove, SNES Scope, N64 Expansion pack, NGC Online adapter, Donkey Konga… 4 games used those bongo’s and 1 didn’t even leave Japan. I loved them too. I really did. I’d buy them again for Switch. Wii Balance Board, Wii Motion Plus. And Amiibo, the concept has been VASTLY superior to the actual reality of them.

  2. I know I made a previous comment, but I want to make one on the review itself, the score is fine, this doesn't really show the full potential of labo, but one part I severely dislike about this and the variety kit review, is that THEY DID NOT MENTION THE TOYCON GARAGE! ONE OF THE MAIN AND THE BEST PART OF THE LABO!

  3. everyone says Nintendo is for kids
    nintendo makes something marked towards kids
    those people hate it and say only man children will play it

  4. Now imagine if Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft or pretty much any other game company did this? They would be getting slammed left, right and centre… But its OKAY because its Nintendo

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