LET’S OCULUS GO!! 20 Best Oculus Go Games Coming Soon

Here’s my list of 20 best games coming to the Oculus Go. The Oculus Go is due for release very soon! This list of best games coming to Oculus Go is my personal …


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  1. Stay clear of this bit of low end trashy gear. Just wait for Santa Cruz. Buying OC GO is just pissing your money away for a low end piece of crap ;(

  2. For being a legit standalone headset, it looks impressive Iโ€™m thinking of getting one. The games announced for it donโ€™t impress me though. Theyโ€™re like tech demos and thatโ€™s what is drawing me away from buying one just a bit.

  3. Im sorry im not buying it, Its supposed to bring VR mainstream but I cant get over the fact the games still look super gimmicky and also I had the impression that we would have a virtual hand controls in VR on the oculus go with the controller, but instead its just a super simple bluetooth controller that no matter were you move it it wont give you any way to interact with things in VR games such as being able to aim a gun with your hand instead of moving your head with a gun attached to it. Its just a gear VR with the phone in it.

  4. Some other great titles…Smash Hit, End Space, Dragon Front, Terminal, Vektron Revenge, Darknet, Dead And Buried, Smashing The Battle, Star Chart, Daedalus, Titans of Space, Fusion Wars, and last but not least Oculus Arcade for those nostalgic moments

  5. Good evening Mike there one experience that should be on your list the fantastic beasts and where to find them experience. My friend Eugene Stacy would like to see you to a full play through of the product so if it comes to the oculus go could you please play the full experience I know you played the experience before release at a conference but, could you please show off the full product in a future video thank you Mike have a good evening.

  6. I'm generally not one to be negative on anything VR, so you'll have to forgive me this one time. My first VR experience was when I bought Gear VR and a Galaxy S7. I'm really confused why Oculus would bother with this. It's the SAME game library almost entirely. Gear VR has been out for years now….why just put out a product for those who want VR without the cell phone? Controllers may be better but I hope something separates this thing from Gear VR…..Sorry Mike, had to say it….

  7. I am planning on picking up a Go, but Bigscreen looks good as always and then… not sure what else grabs me. If you have drop dead for the rift, guess you'd have to buy a different version for the Go eh?

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