IM IN JURASSIC WORLD in VIRTUAL REALITY! – Jurassic World: Blue Oculus VR Gameplay

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  1. I JUST SAW INFINITY WAR. I came directly here because through the blood and pain of avoiding spoilers on the internet, Riot and everyone in the comments here have been so respectful and spoiler free and Iโ€™m here to say, THANK YOU RIOT AND EVERYONE ELSE

  2. Anyone else notice the egg at the beginning? Was it broken? Had Blue eaten it earlier? Or…is it HER egg? That would be amazing. But it also gives me the idea that itโ€™s possible Blue dies and the baby raptor in the trailer with Owen is her offspring.

    EDIT: On second thought thatโ€™s probably actually a coconut or something lol.

  3. Every one knew blue wasn't gonna kill the baby as soon as she didn't pounce on it. If she's not afraid to jump a armed human she shouldn't be afraid to jump a baby. Do video games and movies ever know how actual animals behave

  4. Give this dude a fucking valerian please… "why do I get motion sickness whyyy" uh because you're moving your head like a hyperactive tasmanian devil hooked up on redbull. Don't do energy drinks kids… see what happens.

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