Create a Virtual Reality Game in Seven Minutes (Google Cardboard)

The code and tutorial can be accessed here: Tutorial on how to create your first …


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About the Author: Daniel Borowski


  1. Daniel. I want to make a Virtual real life experience game of me sailing around the world.. so peeps can experience the sailing adventure in real life.

  2. AndroidManifest.xml:30: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'enableVrMode' in package 'android'
    I keep getting this error when I try to build it on android? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

  3. Awesome work! I am creating a VR cinema app to showcase a SBS 3d film pritch. I have the £D cinema model ready to buy but trying to work out how I can have the cam view one side of the video.. any advice would be fantastic!

  4. Daniel . Why u showed only beautiful site of creating game. What you gonna do with this now…nothing…because u have to pass through the hell called ANDROID SDK . I am wondering why now one wants to show how to pass through this step…because no one knows how…

  5. The Google VR SDK is completely different now. In fact, with the GVR native version of Unity, you dont see the GoogleVR assets at all. How would you go about making the fps now?

  6. This tutorial is HORRIBLE !!!! Doesn't the author understand that this tutorial is going to be viewed by people who have NO EXPERIENCE in VR design or in the Unity development environment? It's supposed to be a BEGINNER's tutorial, but he zooms right through a whole slew of selections he makes without explaining ANYTHING that he's doing!!

  7. Awesome, I always wondered how people create little worlds. I'll have to look into this. Great video buddy thank you!

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