Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Desolation of Mordor Launch Trailer

Play as Baranor, recruit human mercenaries, use their new combat and stealth abilities and conquer the Marauder fortress of Shindrâm, in the all new story DLC …


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  1. Thank god I cancelled this game's preorder at launch and got The Witcher 3 instead. Best decision ever made even the gamestop cashier said the same thing

  2. I feel like everyone pointing out similar things that have been in other games are forgetting that the first game was kind of just "what if assassin's creed was also batman Arkham city?" I'm not saying that the criticism isnt valid, but just that I feel the first game was weirdly exempt from criticism because it had a few original ideas, but who's to say that this wont?

  3. Here comes the people saying tolkien is spinning in his grave cause of lore friendly yet the game is like alternate timeline in middle earth

  4. They need to make a game set in Beleriand, enough with mordor, I want Beren and Luthien! The children of Hurin! Glaurung! The fall of Gondolin!

  5. oh boy another over priced shallow piece of dlc from the fuckwits who shat on thier own amazing game before release

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