Destiny 2: Warmind Review in Progress

The latest expansion to Destiny 2 is here and it brings a new campaign, escalation protocol and a new raid lair. Here are our initial thoughts. Destiny 2 …


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  1. Finally an honest review most destiny 2 youtubers are too hyped up to actually tell their viewers if this dlc is worth coming back to the games..I guess is not

  2. I think the main problem with Destiny (this coming from someone whose played both games) is that there's no real competition against it. Let me explain, if you look at the fps genre you'll see a lot of games. Some good, some bad but the good ones set the standard as to what to be. There is no game like Destiny in a sense that there's no fpsmmorpg or whatever it is to give a challenge, there's no standard.This can translate to bad business desicions or poorly made games. I'm not bashing on the game (hell every now and then my group trys to do the raid) but if there a chance for it to be better, it needs a standard set by a better game.

  3. what is wrong with IGN? only negative comments but still a positive score. you guys are clearly not uploading for the viewers if ur afraid to say something mean about the guys that gave you a free cd

  4. I bought the base game and waiting to throw money at this thing. But nope. Bungie is officially 86d in my book. Last game I buy from them and not looking back.

  5. There are so many other ganes that are more worthy of your time and that will give you countless hours of entertainment. Play those instead. Life is short and don't waste it on shite like this

  6. Ok as a Destiny fan I lost all hope with Destiny 2 but if you say that Destiny 1 with all the expansions is still a bad game then you just hate on it because you think it's "cool"

  7. An expansion is supposed to expand the world in new and amazing ways, an update takes what has been done in the original game and stream lines it to be more fluid and enjoyable. Warmind is a $20 update not an expansion that opens the world to new places.

  8. Sadly I bought the season pass so I feel obligated to play this despite wanting to play NieR Autamata and Dad of war right now ?

  9. It's aggrivating how destiny makes small improvments to the game, Only to have these small improvements become some of the largest problems in the game.

    Like how while playing the final level in the campaign I was loving the boss fight… sounds like a positive right? Except I didn't realize I was playing the FINAL MISSION until after the cutscene that followed.

    Sure… The narritive was alot better than in 'Curse of Osiris' and the boss was enjoyable, but then you realise they essentially wasted 2 of the largest antagonists in the series to fights that last just as long as a regular skirmish… What am I supposed to be scared of NOW?

    Sure, loot looks cool (Tip: You can preview S3 Ornimants on certain armor Iron Banner Faction Rally ect) but why keep trying to collect them if theres no incentive to (I don't think we are getting random rolls in the way people think in the September update)

    Even escalation protocol, while being fun, i dont see people coming back to once they have the whole armor/weapon set.

    If you liked destiny, it may scratch the new content itch for a while… but 4 months is a long time for Bungie to keep you playing.

    As for people looking for a reason to hop back on… I don't think this series is ever going to intice you back.

  10. I miss Destiny 1 and never played any of the dlc but loved playing the original with friends. Just wondering if there are still people playing D1 and if it's worth jumping into again for all the DLC content?

  11. Anna "bae" suddenly knowing you at the start, and then constantly appearing/disappearing during the "story" like a ghost was incredibly disappointing, what a waste of another otherwise interesting character. Very disappointing abbreviated storytelling. The new grind is appallingly drawn out and frankly there doesn't seem to be any really good new gear to hook you in.

  12. Too bad, Destiny as a franchise had soooo much damn potential. Also the Destiny community was one of the friendliest around, met a lot of cool peeps from there. Wth bungie, we trusted you with this baby, this baby with a bright future, n you killed it. Sad. 🙁

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