Middle-earth: Shadow of War – The Desolation of Mordor DLC Review

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – The Desolation of Mordor DLC reviewed by Brendan Graeber on PC Also available on Xbox One and PS4. The First 15 Minutes …


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  1. No the easternlings ate not those guys who were on the "elephants" (aka mumakils) in The Return of the King. They were the haradrims who ride the mumakils. The easternligs are those guys who were in the The Two Towers they could be seen when Frodo Sam and Gollam went to the Black Gate.

  2. Got Shadows of war with my xbox one & haven't really played it due to the in game A.I. set up to deceive the player into spending money out frustration which broke the game. But in July this bullshit out of the game & yet this DLC comes out before algorithm which is basically screwing over people and ruining the experience overall is gonna be able to gain the trust back plus interest? I've never seen a company who isn't EA & Activision act like this wasn't asking too much this dlc doesn't look bad but the scumy dishonest practices & lame stalling isn't making me interested in playing your game Monolith.

  3. Oliphants lived in the jungles of Far Harad, far to the south of any known maps of Middle-earth, where the Haradrim called them Mûmakil. The word "oliphaunt" was used by Hobbits. In the tongue of the Haradrim, oliphaunts were known as mûmakil (singular mûmak); this word was adopted by the Men of Gondor.

  4. Lol, Easterling and Haradrim are NOT the Same… Easterling is like Samurai Inspiration and Haradrim India or Old Persia inspiration, when they rode on Elephants in war…

  5. It’s really sad how this game turned out, this game was my #1 most hyped game of 2017 I even bought the gold edition for £80 and I never really get hype about games or buy special editions because usually they end up like Shadow of War did. At least it’s taught me not to get hype over games but no doubt it’ll just happen again at some point. sigh

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