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  1. This game could easily be turned into cult like Dark Souls in terms of difficulty, but somehow it never happens. Shame. 7.5 is not an adequate score imo, as a fan I’d give it 9.5 for adventure mode alone, as a reviewer I’d give it 8.5 at least.

  2. Includes all the dlc, greatly improved performance, improved visuals (both resolution and frame-rate) quality of life changes and is inherently both a portable game and a Home console game and it get only half a point more?

  3. I heard handheld mode suffers alot. I'm gonna have to wait for this one if my information is correct (There was an article that said that it can go down to 20fps but I hope they are wrong)

  4. I hate to sound negative but nintendo needs to get over this game, this is the 3rd time they released this game in the past 3-4 years… It's embarrassing! And the worst part is that they're charging full price!! That's insane ? Nintendo needs to move on from the wii u and stop porting games… It's starting to get ridiculous..

  5. Looks great. I'd probably pick it up if I hadn't recently got if for under $20 for my Wii U. Still, going to be missing that sweet character swapping on the fly and some of those other features that aren't on the U version.

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